It's just me and in the spirit of crypto and general security I am anon. I am a father of three boys and husband to the most beautiful wife one could imagine. I am a full-time professional software developer that has worked on many large scale projects used in the wild today. My passion to grow myself and help others fuels my drive to do as much as I can within my means. I am not a writer and thus you are presented with the un-edited, or my poor attempts at editing, fairly unprofessional blog you have in front of you. One of my goals is to write more and in attempt to complete that goal I hope to also help others by providing honest information and tooling. I plan to devote more time to bettering the articles, tooling, site, self, etc.. On our journey there, this is all done in my free time if any is left. I feed off of seeing others suceed or simply growing themselves and if I can help accomplish that in any way I want to do it. So, take a look at the random things I've put together and let's build a community of individuals looking to grow together to build an informed crypto-community!