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In-app payment with LIghtning Network

Paying for an in-app purchase with the Lightning Network

Utilizing the Lightning Network we can pay for Android in-app purchases. In this example we will utilize Acinq Eclair Android LIghtning Wallet to purchase a wallpaper provided by Jenny's Wallpapers. 

To test this out you'll need an Android device as we are testing functionality within the Android application itself. We will be using the Lightning Network Testnet for this example. 

Let's get started! 

Install Jenny's Wallpapers and the Eclair LIghtning Wallet to your Android device. We will need to set up the Eclair wallet with testnet Bitcoin funds and then configure channels before we can make purchases. 

Open Eclair and begin setup. Create a new wallet.. It's fine to skip seed verification on testnet. 

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