Bitcoin fork has users anxious to get their hands on Bitcoin Cash 

    Bitcoin Cash is the product of the widely anticipated Bitcoin fork. Users that possesed Bitcoin prior to the Aug 1st split will effectively have two sets of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. A majority of online wallets have temporarily suspended trading of Bitcoin to account for potential instability and the largely unknown future of the split. Some wallets outright deny Bitcoin Cash and will not support it like Coinbase. See Coinbase's blog. Others, such as Bittrex, welcome Bitcoin Cash with open arms. The take-away here is that if you had Bitcoin pre-Aug 1st you have both coins, assuming you have access to your keys, or you stored them in a wallet that will support both. The question is, how do we get access to them?

    Currently, getting hold of your Bitcoin Cash is a little more difficult than some would hope as things are still unfolding. Bittrex, once open to trading again, offers access to Bitcoin Cash along with several others such as Kraken. An offline wallet is the safest bet on retaining you Bitcoin Cash through the fork. Wallets like Mycelium have not yet come forward with a solution, but don't fret, your private keys still have access to your coins in both chains. On the other hand Trezor is keeping it's users up-to-date with solutions to splitting up and accessing their Bitcoin Cash. 

There's much more information around Bitcoin Cash developing as the hours go by and we will keep you up-to-date with the latest CryptoBabel!

For further reading, Trezor users can view their blogpost regarding claiming your Bitcoin Cash. See: Trezor Blog

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