Claiming Your Bitcoin Private

The fork has completed and those waiting anxiously can now claim their Bitcoin Private ($BTCP) from the recent ZClassic($ZCL) fork. The following is a quick walk through of sweeping your ZClassic private keys to retireve your Bitcoin Private. 

The source wallet, or the one containing ZClassic can be any of the available wallets. As long as you have your private keys we can sweep them. In our example we are using Windows and Electrum wallets for both ZClassic and Bitcoin Private. The process is identical if you're using other wallets with some variations when locating your addresses, keys and other options. 

Time to sweep! 

First, grab the Bitcoin Private wallet.... DO NOT download from any third party sites, blogs or stranger in the streets.... Go directly to their github releases and download the version for your operating system. This can be found:

Create your new wallet with the default settings unless you know what you're doing and what to change it up. For most cases the defaults will do. 

Select the default settings and click next. Then create a new seed, copy it down somewhere secure and validate it on the next screen. 

Once your Bitcoin Private wallet is set up we can sweep our $ZCL keys. Find the 'sweep' option under the wallet > private keys tab. You'll see a screen like this: 

Enter the ZClassic private keys and click sweep. You will be directed to the send screen where you can select your choice of fee and other settings. 

Once you've set your fee and are ready click send. You will be greated with a success dialouge. Click okay and view your history. The transaction will be in a pending state. The icon will change with the transaction has been processed and during the conformation period. 

That's it! You have succesfully swept your ZClassic coins and retrieved your Bitcoin Private! 

For more information see the Bitcoin Private Reddit post:

Feel free to ask me any questions over on Twitter @CryptoBabel

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