Paying for an in-app purchase with the Lightning Network

Utilizing the Lightning Network we can pay for Android in-app purchases. In this example we will utilize Acinq Eclair Android LIghtning Wallet to purchase a wallpaper provided by Jenny's Wallpapers. 

To test this out you'll need an Android device as we are testing functionality within the Android application itself. We will be using the Lightning Network Testnet for this example. 

Let's get started! 

Install Jenny's Wallpapers and the Eclair LIghtning Wallet to your Android device. We will need to set up the Eclair wallet with testnet Bitcoin funds and then configure channels before we can make purchases. 

Open Eclair and begin setup. Create a new wallet.. It's fine to skip seed verification on testnet. 

Copy your Bitcoin address and head over to the faucet to pick up some test coins. 

After your Bitcoin have confirmed we can then create channels. Scan the peer QR and wait for the channel to open and confirm. 

You can also view the about page for more information and links. 

You can also auto-connect at this time. It is ideal to wait till the channels are fully confirmed to allow full proprogation. Once everything is confirmed and ready open up Jenny's wallpapers and navigate to the cryptocurrency section and find a wallpaper with crypto in its name. 

Click it and click the unlock icon to begin the purchase flow. Click the buy button and you will be redirected to the Eclair wallet

Click the pay button to fill the Lightning payment request. You should recieve a green success status page.

You can then return to Jenny's wallpaper's. The icon should now resemble an image. Click it to set the wallpaper. 

You've successfully purchased an Android wallpaper using the Lightning Network!

For more information see:

Jenny Says Shop  Twitter:@cryptojennysays

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @CryptoBabel

* This application and the Lightning Network test is very much just that. I expect a bug or three to pop up and give someone a hard time. Please freel free to ping me to see if we can get the test working for you *

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