IRS uses block chain analysis tool, Chainanalysis, to catch tax fraudsters. 

This doesn't come as a surprise, when hasn't the government kept their hand out of hard workers earnings. With the rise in popularity and funds flowing through cryptocurrency markets the IRS decided to take action. To do this they have comissioned and paid a large sum of the dying USD to the tech firm Chainanalysis whom provides detailed inspection of blockchain transactions. ChainAnalysis' mission statement reads: 

"The transfer of value over the internet requires new methods of data analysis, visualization and actionable intelligence to protect the integrity of our financial system."

To 'protect' the integrity of 'our' financial system really stands out to me. It's clear there's a primary objective, and it certainly isn't promoting the future of cryptocurrency. The Danish speaking CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Gronager, has written a few articles according to his Linked-in profile but during searches for the articles 'butt-shaping cardio' returned in the results and we halted our searches. Furthermore their articles on various subjects go in to highschool level play on words in attempts at a real discussion of real issues. These very childish and demeaning articles put a hamper on further reading. 

It's clear this company is not out for the best intrest of the public nor the cryptoverse and we can only hope those government backed USD they're recieving by 'protecting the integrity of our financial system' dies a quick death in order to usher in a new era. 

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