Bitcoin owners prior to the August 1st fork also own Bitcoin Cash after the fork, some have yet to get their hands on it. 

    Bitcoin (BTC) owners have been anxiously awaiting the chance to get their hands on their share of the Bitcoin fork. For some, their wallets or exchanges of choice have already accepted and began trading Bitcoin Cash (BCC) such as, and For others, their wallet of choice took a stance against Bitcoin Cash and were left high and dry. Coinbase's initial statement led to major uproar amogst the commuity. Some went as far as threating lawsuits based on the actions. On the other hand, some exchanges simply remained quite with subtle hints of how they plan to maintain up-time during the fork. 

"We have no plans to support the Bitcoin Cash fork.", Coinbase

        Several days have past since the fork and wallets that previous left their customers to hang with an ultimatum of essentially 'deal with it or get out' seemed to have realised the er of their ways. After much scrunity, Coinbase released a breath of fresh air for it's users that weathered the storm. 

"We are planning to have support for bitcoin cash by January 1, 2018", Coinbase

While this is great news, this is still quite some time out and users are more than anxious to take control of their funds. Coinbase later mentions in the same post that they don't actually have any plans for trading Bitcoin Cash. 

"Once supported, customers will be able to withdraw bitcoin cash. We’ll make a determination at a later date about adding trading support.", Coinbase

While this isn't exactly reassuring, it is hopeful that users will be able to wait it out and recieve their funds in the near future. On a lighter note, for users of the exchange, Poloniex, a statement has been released earlier today in regards to their support of Bitcoin Cash. 

"We will be crediting users who had BTC in their account balance at the time of the fork with matching BCH. We expect this to occur on or before 8/14/17.", Poloniex

Poloniex users seem thrilled they will be able to access their Bitcoin Cash and in just a couple weeks. Though, Poloniex will be crediting Bitcoin Cash, it too, has no plans for the future trading of Bitcoin Cash. 

"Keep in mind that we have not yet determined if we will be listing BCH as a market on Poloniex nor can we commit to supporting BCH withdrawals right away.", Poloniex

It does seem that Poloniex is keeping an open mind to future trading which would be a fantastic addition for those with high hopes for the futture of Bitcoin Cash. 

    In general, it looks like wallets and exchanges are opening up their doors and begining to accept the Bitcoin clone which could lead to a bright future for trading. 

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