Bitcoin, The Tail Of Many Forks

    Users beholden the digital golden coin are subject to yet another big change for the future of Bitcoin. That's right, the developers, community and many companies are torn between which direction is the right path forward for Bitcoin which will 'tear' Bitcoin apart with another hard fork. That leaves it's investors at the cusp of yet another big shake up in the realm of cryptocurrency. 

    The upcoming Bitcoin hard fork is largely due to buy in from many companies along with developments visions for the future. These visions include, but are not limited to, Segwit2x. Segwit2x is quite the contresversial topic amongst the cryptocurrency community as it will increase the blockside on an already Segwit activated chain thus increasing transaction throughput which will lead to a much more desired workflow from the users perspective. Along with increasing the blocksize, Segwit2x will also require less hashing power to complete a block. This means cheaper fees and that alone will attract a large crowd away from $BTC which is where the contention lies. With a decreased required hashrate, decreased fees it's begining to look like there may be a new golden ticket on the horizon for investors. 

    Another hard fork in Bitcoins future is just the begining for investors, developers and miners alike. Looking forward, a new fork splits the immediately hashrate as some miners with switch off and begin mining the new chain. This is not an easy choice to make as miners, at least in the immeiate terms, will most likely be losing profits mining a new coin that may be trading for much less than $BTC. Though, usually, these miners are often looking toward the future and have plans beyond the present which is proving to payoff with the recent Bitcoin Cash spike at nearly 700$USD at time of writing. Investors will have to watch things closely as miners, developers and the market in general begins to swing one way or another, ultimately choosing the golden coin of the future. There is many permutations of the upcoming fork that could change the crypto landscape as it is today. 

    The Segwit2x hard fork will begin at block '494,784', which is in the November timeframe, or roughly 90 days after the August first hard fork that introduced Segwit.  You can view the blockchain information at to keep yourself up to date.


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